Toothache pain relief

If the pain in the tooth is not acute, toothache can be alleviated with pain killers. A combination of Ibuprofen (Ipren) and Panodil is often an effective remedy, relieving toothache temporarily.

Remember to book a consultation with your dentist (toothache only gets worse!)

Toothache causing violent pain outside opening hours, please contact the emergency dental services.

Toothpain relief

Toothache (odontalgia)

In the jargon of dentists, toothache is called odontalgia and relates to pain from teeth and their surrounding soft tissues, such as gums.

Although few are in doubt when they have a toothache and the pain can be intense, the actual pain may be difficult to locate. Often you can even find it difficult to determine which tooth hurts and at other times toothache pain “tricks” as the cause of the pain and the pain sensation does not come from the same tooth.

It also happens that pain from elsewhere in the body feels like a toothache – usually pain from sinusitis or jaws.

The Tooth’s nerve

A tooth has several layers. Externally on the crown the enamel is located and outermost on the roots the cementum is situated. These two hard outer layers serve to protect the underlying dentin, which surrounds the tooth’s nerve, pulpa. Pulpa is located in the pulp chamber in the cavity in the central portion of the tooth.

We can not feel anything from either enamel or cementum, but only from the central portion of the tooth and innermost of the dentin.

Why does it hurt?

If there is damage to the enamel or cementum by caries, bacteria can penetrate into the dentin and possibly into the pulpa chamber. This can irritate the nerve and cause inflammation. The inflammation causes swelling, but because the tooth’s interior is rigid, the pressure on the nerve becomes intense and feels very uncomfortable.

A hard blow to a tooth may also cause toothache. In such cases it is the blow itself which may cause the emergence of an inflammation of the pulpa chamber which as a result can cause pain.

Sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth or pain associated with the consumption of cold foods is something that many people know to a greater or lesser degree. Some people may also experience transient pain when they drink or eat something hot. This is often due to areas of the teeth, where the dentin is not protected by enamel, which makes the tooth more susceptible to temperature changes. There may be many reasons why the dentin is devoid in one or more places and it is a good idea to consult your dentist if you feel bothered by it.


Toothache is probably one of the worst aches you will ever experience, anyone who has tried it, knows.

It can be difficult determining which tooth is aching, most often it is not the tooth aching which is the cause of the toothache.

Your dentist can help determine the location of the pain, hence relieving and treating your toothache.

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